Prologo Scratch M5 Pas CPC HR 140 Tirox
Prologo Scratch M5 Pas CPC HR 140 Tirox

Prologo Scratch M5 Pas CPC HR 140 Tirox

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"Scratch M5 PAS CPC is designed to be the next level of performance. The CPC technology is the same used in Formula1, patented by Prologo for the cycling industry. The 3D polymer cones maximize the grip when assuming an aggressive position and help to change position quickly on the saddle."


  • Tirox - Rail light-alloy steel, higly resistant to traction and torsion for its physical characteristics and light weight is used in the aviation and aerospace industry. Tirox then turns out to be a rail with a good balance between wieght and strengrh that doesn´t fear the normal stress.
  • Multi-sector system - The new MSS Multi Sector System, designed in co-operation with the Polytechnic of Milan, helps to improve comfort and performance; the active foam pads, separated from each other, create independently zones that work in a smart and individual way, favoring the natural movement of the pedaling phases both of pushing and pulling, absorbing the vibrations that the base transfers to the saddle. The Round Shape of the M5 allows the pelvis a natural rotation, creating stability and support for the lumbar areas, and the distribution of the pressures on a greater surface.
  • CPC - CPC - connected Power Control is the system patented by Prologo that ensures performance and comfort providing vibration absorbing, grip and position stability. Thanks to its nano-structure, the special conical and hollow 3D polymer reduces muscle fatigue and facilitates air flow by reducing the temperature in the contact zone. CPC, moreover, positioned in strategic points, protects muscles, tendons and soft tissues from the stresses deriving “from the road” guaranteeing its performance in every climatic condition. Today it is used by the best Top Teams and athletes in the world, in all disciplines; CPC is the ultimate expression of performance and comfort.


Use: Road, XC
Size: 140 x 250mm
Rails: Tirox
Approximately 210g

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