CyclOn Ciliconen Spray 250ml
CyclOn Ciliconen Spray 250ml

CyclOn Ciliconen Spray 250ml

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CyclOn Silicone Spray is a high-quality multifunctional silicone spray. This spray provides a dirt-repellent layer on synthetic materials, its anti-corrosion and light lubricating properties prolong the life of your bicycle parts and protects your suspension and damping systems. Thanks to its creep properties, it can also be used to preventively protect difficult-to-reach spots on your bicycle and to provide them with a thin layer of lubrication. In addition, thanks to its good penetrating characteristics, this silicone spray can also be used to clean unreachable places and to preventively protect and apply a thin layer of lubrication. Silicone spray can be used for parts made of plastic, aluminium, titanium and carbon. The choice of professionals for 40 years. The choice of professionals for 40 years.


  • Especially for matt bikes, accentuates the matt finish on your bike
  • Thanks to the protective layer, mud and road dirt are much less likely to stick to your bike during your next ride
  • Has a light cleaning effect
  • Protects against the effects of sweat, sports drinks and sports nutrition
  • Prevents the spray from coming onto your brake discs


Step 1 Do your entire cleaning routine. In other words, clean your bike with Bike Cleaner and bike chain with Bionet Chain Cleaner. Then hose off both with a soft water hose and dry everything well. Then lubricate your chain with a lubricant of your choice.

Step 2 After your cleaning routine, spray CyclOn Ciliconen Spray on your clean and dry bike. Applying a thin layer is sufficient. Let the coating soak in for a while and then rub it out with a clean cloth. After a summer ride, your bicycle may just have become dusty. By not letting the coating dry but wiping it off immediately, you will remove such light contamination.


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