WTB Trail Boss 29"x 2.25
WTB Trail Boss 29"x 2.25
WTB Trail Boss 29"x 2.25

WTB Trail Boss 29"x 2.25

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Trail Boss calls the shots out on the trail. A true all-around-er, this tire feels at home on your local singletrack. Its consistent, blocky tread minimizes rolling resistance until you hit the brakes and allow the knobs to do their job. Pair it with a Vigilante 2.3 on the front for an excellent trail combo. Looking for this tried-and-true tread pattern in a wider width and updated design? Check out the Trail Boss 2.4/2.6.

Usage : Cross-Country • Trail • Enduro
Conditions : Loose Over Hard • Dirt • Loose • Rocky

  • Dual DNA Compound - Dual DNA is the perfect mix of efficiency, traction, and durability. The centerline tread features a firmer rubber compound that boasts faster rolling and increased durability, while the side knobs are composed of softer, slower-rebounding rubber that improves control and grip. In other words...speed where you want it and traction where you need it.

  • TCS Light or TCS Tough - TCS Light tires feature a single-ply casing whereas TCS Tough tires are dual-ply. XC and trail riders often choose TCS Light tires for their minimal weights while enduro, gravity and e-bike riders prefer TCS Tough for the additional durability and cornering support. Some riders opt for TCS Light on the front where weight is more noticeable and TCS Tough on the rear where a burlier tire is beneficial. Most of our TCS Light mountain tires feature Slash Guard technology, which provides a protective nylon insert spanning the entire sidewall to provide extra puncture protection without the weight of a dual ply casing.

  • SG2 Protection - TCS Light single-ply mountain tires are available with SG2 puncture protection. SG2 is a lightweight nylon layer that protects all areas of the tire with an additional level of defense against punctures and pinch flats. Bead-to-bead SG2 also improves sidewall stability and overall tire support without the additional weight of a Tough (dual-ply) casing.

    Flat nylon fibers within SG2 reduce the amount of rubber needed to fill the gaps between fibers compared to traditional protection layers with round fibers. The increased fiber-to-rubber ratio boosts puncture resistance while reducing weight and improving suppleness compared to our Tough casings. Third-party lab testing showed bead-to-bead SG2 provides 80% more sidewall protection than traditional single-ply tires without SG2.

Highlights :

  • No-compromise tread - Some tires are semi-slick and fast while others are chunky and bite. Trail Boss is designed to be the middleground trail tire. Tight groupings of center knobs cut down on rolling resistance without hesitating to dig in while braking. Tall outer knobs quickly provide traction in the earliest phases of cornering.
  • Strategically directional siping - Center and intermediate knobs are siped in a direction that improves accelerating and braking traction by increasing the amount of working edges that bite into the trail when you crank on the pedals or slam on the brakes. Outer knobs feature sipes that run parallel to the tire in order to provide the surface of the knobs with more cornering traction.
  • Rear-focused design - Trail Boss 2.25 features toothy knobs that maximize braking traction while their relatively tight spacing improves improve the longevity of the rear tire by increasing the total surface area counteracting heavy braking forces. Substantial side knobs overhang the sidewall of the tire to protect it from slashes while you're steering with the rear. We suggest pairing the Trail Boss 2.25 with a Vigilante 2.3 on the front.
  • Tubeless compatible - Most Trail Boss 2.25 tires feature a TCS tubeless casing. TCS (Tubeless Compatible System) is WTB's standardized tubeless system. These tires feature a TCS tubeless casing, which nearly eliminates flats and allows lower tire pressures to improve traction and comfort over a traditional tube-type tire.


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