Prologo Nago R4 PAS Tirox
Prologo Nago R4 PAS Tirox

Prologo Nago R4 PAS Tirox

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"The NAGO R4 147 PAS (Redesign 4) is the evolution of the iconic NAGO, the Prologo saddle born in 2008 that has already won a Giro d'Italia and many Classics over the years"

Designed from the needs of professional teams supported by Prologo, the new saddle has been perfected through "Pressure Map MyOwn" testing to meet the needs of all cyclists seeking maximum performance and comfort even for long rides. Compact dimensions with a length of 245 mm and T-shape, with a slightly forward anatomical center, to provide good freedom of movement in the saddle and maximize pedaling efficiency in all positions.

The semi-round ergonomic shape makes the NAGO R4 147 PAS ideal for cyclists with average pelvic rotation flexibility. The NAGO R4 147 PAS open version, features two separate fully independent sections, made of the latest generation of variable density foams, to ensure excellent support and comfort during all phases of pedaling. At the center there is Prologo's PAS system: a wide central channel and a holed base to eliminate pressure peaks even during maximum pedal thrust phases. The base is made of long-fiber carbon, a material that offers an excellent compromise between stiffness and comfort.

Different rails for every type of cyclist : 

  • Rail Nack (Nano Carbon Fiber) composed by carbon fiber, Kevlar and aluminum filaments, for more performance-oriented cyclists seeking maximum stiffness and lightness.
  • Rail TiroX made of light-alloy steel, a material with an excellent balance between weight and strength, giving the saddle less stiffness and superior vibration absorption, for those seeking greater comfort.

Compared to the NAGO R4 PAS 137mm, the 147 version has 10mm more padding at the sides and 3mm at the top, and is suitable for: 

  • cyclists with a wider ischial bone spacing, who therefore require a wider base of support on the saddle
  • cyclists with a high body mass index (BMI), who can benefit from the increased padding for better weight distribution

Specifications :

  • Size: 245x147mm
  • Saddle weight with Nack rail: 155gr
  • Saddle weight with Tirox rail: 209gr

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