CyclOn Bionet Chain Cleaner 750ml
CyclOn Bionet Chain Cleaner 750ml
CyclOn Bionet Chain Cleaner 750ml

CyclOn Bionet Chain Cleaner 750ml

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Bionet Chain Cleaner is a biodegradable degreaser for cleaning chain, crankset, cassette and derailleur

The unique formula loosens oil and grease residues and removes caked-on road dirt but retains internal protective greases. This improves shifting behaviour and prolongs component life. Bionet is safe for sensitive parts like the frame, bearings and seal rubbers. Bionet is a durable and powerful alkaline degreaser produced in Schaijk. Moreover, the bottle is made of 100% recyclable plastic. The unique formula has been specially developed to loosen street dirt and caked-on oil and wax residues. Even waterproof greases and lubricants are loosened by soaking with Bionet. For over 20 years, Bionet has been the most widely used chain degreaser in specialist bicycle shops in the BeNeLux and is recommended by mechanics who use it to maintain thousands of bicycles daily.


Step 1 Spray the entire drivetrain with CyclOn Bionet Chain Cleaner and leave it to soak in for a few minutes. Brush the chain, cassette and sprockets thoroughly with a hard brush.

Step 2 Rinse your drivetrain with water jet and use a clean cloth to dry everything thoroughly.

Step 3 Once your chain is completely dry, lubricate it again so that your bike is ready for your next ride.

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