Ceramicspeed Drip Indoor Lube

Ceramicspeed Drip Indoor Lube

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Ceramicspeed have been working hard for years to develop the best chain lubricant in the world. After countless laboratory and field tests, the result is the UFO Drip Indoor & Track chain lube, a mixture of wax, trace oils and friction modifiers. It is only suitable for use indoors or on the track and has a specially adapted mixture of wax and friction modifiers. The main goal was the significant reduction in friction in the drive train, with a lower level of adhesion being sufficient in the intended use mentioned, which has a positive effect on smooth running. Strictly speaking, the UFO Drip is not a lubricant, but a coating. While still a liquid when applied, it cures to a completely dry layer and repels foreign particles, which lead to increased friction and wear. According to Ceramicspeed, the driver saves between 2 and 5 watts of power when using it. In addition, the service life of the drive train is demonstrably extended by up to 40%.


  • Net Weight 100ml
  • Wax chain coatings have multiple benefits, but also tend to shed excess surface wax after initial application
  • Balance of wax to friction modifiers has been adjusted to maximize efficiency in clean conditions with minimal surface buildup

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