Prologo Scratch-M5 Tirox 140 Cpc Aring Hard Black
Prologo Scratch-M5 Tirox 140 Cpc Aring Hard Black
Prologo Scratch-M5 Tirox 140 Cpc Aring Hard Black
Prologo Scratch-M5 Tirox 140 Cpc Aring Hard Black

Prologo Scratch-M5 Tirox 140 Cpc Aring Hard Black

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"The Scratch M5 CPC is suitable for many applications thanks to its design, size and ergonomic T SHAPE"

The TiroX frame of the saddle consists of a light steel alloy which has a high tensile strength and torsional rigidity and thus offers an excellent balance between weight and robustness. These properties make it the perfect long-distance saddle. The width of 140 millimeters is suitable for 90% of bikers. Designed as a unisex saddle, it is equally suitable for men and women. 

Features :

  • MSS multi-sector system - Developed in collaboration with the University Politecnico di Milano, improves comfort and performance. The separate active foams create 5 dedicated zones that work individually and support normal pedaling motion during both the push and pull phases. The round shape of the SCRATCH M5 allows for natural rotation of the pelvis and creates stability and support for the lumbar spine. it also favors pressure distribution over a larger surface.
  • The system patented by Prologo is used in Formula 1 and in the military sector. CPC - Connected Power Control is a patented system that ensures performance and comfort, providing vibration absorption, grip and positional stability. Thanks to its nanostructure, the special conical and hollow 3D polymer reduces muscle fatigue and facilitates airflow to reduce the temperature in the contact zone. Positioned in strategic points, CPC protects muscles, tendons and soft tissues from the stresses coming "from the road" and guarantees its performance in all climatic conditions. Today it is used by the best top teams and athletes in the world in all disciplines. CPC is the ultimate expression of performance and comfort.
  • Lightweight aerospace alloy steel frame. This is characterized by very high tensile strength and torsional rigidity and offers an excellent balance between low weight and high robustness.
  • Carbon Fiber Injection saddle shell - A manufacturing process developed by Prologo to create an injection molded carbon fiber saddle shell that forms the base of the saddle. This process increases the stability of the saddle shell with a 15% lower weight and improves the surface of the entire saddle.

Specifications :

intended use : Road bike & MTB (Cross Country & Marathon)
Saddle Shell: Carbon Fiber Injection
Frame: Tirox
Saddle cover: microfiber, 3D polymer with nanostructure
Length: 250mm
Width: 140mm
Height: 45 mm (lower edge of frame/upper edge of shell)
Strut diameter: around 7x7 mm
Saddle frame adjustment range: 63 mm
maximum driver weight: kA
Max. permissible tightening torque: 12 Nm
Finish: faux leather
Color: Black

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