Prologo Nago R4 PAS 3D Nack
Prologo Nago R4 PAS 3D Nack
Prologo Nago R4 PAS 3D Nack

Prologo Nago R4 PAS 3D Nack

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This new model is the result of an exclusive analysis of Prologo's Pressure Map MyOwn tests, which scientifically studied the pressure zones exerted on the saddle by professional and amateur racers. Thanks to the data collected, an exceptionally lightweight 3D saddle was developed with a segmented cover that adapts perfectly to the different pressure zones, guaranteeing optimum support and comfort in every phase of pedaling. The cover of the NAGO R4 combines MSS (Multi Sector System) technology with the latest 3D printing techniques to create five independent sectors on each side. Each sector is designed to respond specifically to the pressure exerted and adapt to the cyclist's anatomy.

These sectors are characterized by complex geometric shapes, different densities and elasticity coefficients, providing tailored support and comfort. The rear section with high density and high elasticity supports the ischial tuberosities and facilitates pedaling thrust. The three middle sections with low density and medium elasticity coefficient are designed to maximize comfort in the soft tissue contact zones. The front section with medium density and low elasticity coefficient provides good support even in a forward position on the saddle.

The goal of weight reduction, a common challenge in 3D saddles, was achieved by analyzing compression tests, identifying areas subject to less pressure and optimizing the use of materials without sacrificing comfort or performance. The use of long fiber carbon and a Nack (Nano Carbon Fiber) rail helped to further reduce the overall weight while maintaining high stiffness. The result is a saddle that weighs just 149 grams, setting a new lightweight benchmark for 3D saddles on the market.


  • Shell: Carbon Fiber Injection
  • Frame: Nack Carbon
  • Saddle Cover: Open 3D printed foam structure
  • Length: 245mm
  • Width: 137mm
  • Height: 50mm
  • Strut Diameter: oval 7 x 9.3mm
  • Saddle Adjustment Range: 60mm
  • Max Torque Tightening: 9nm
  • Finish: 3D

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