Prologo Dimension CPC Pas 143 Nack
Prologo Dimension CPC Pas 143 Nack
Prologo Dimension CPC Pas 143 Nack
Prologo Dimension CPC Pas 143 Nack

Prologo Dimension CPC Pas 143 Nack

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"The Dimension is an innovative saddle that combines comfort and performance"

Thanks to its design, size and ergonomic shape, it is suitable for many applications. The combination of a short nose and the PAS system ensures a lot of comfort, even on longer tours. The wider seating area (143 mm) also enables a better distribution of body weight. Designed as a unisex saddle, it is equally suitable for men and women.

Features :

  • CPC Technology - Connect Power Control called saddle surface made of hollow, volcanic knobs. These ensure an increase in surface area and thus optimal adhesion on the saddle. In addition, the elastic CPC knobs provide vibration and shock absorption through expansion in the lower area. The many micro-cavities and spaces between the knobs ensure a constant air circulation which leads to very good cooling and moisture dissipation.
  • Nano carbon fiber frame which is composed of a material combination of carbon fibers, Kevlar and aluminum threads in the area of the seat post clamp. In the production process called Braided Carbon Rail (BCR) there is a perfect fusion of the different materials. The result is a balanced structure with high resilience.
  • Carbon Fiber Injection saddle shell - A manufacturing process developed by Prologo to create an injection molded carbon fiber saddle shell that forms the base of the saddle. This process increases the stability of the saddle shell with a 15% lower weight and improves the surface of the entire saddle.
  •  An ergonomic channel in the saddle shell minimizes peak loads in the sensitive pelvis and crotch area. This also ideally counteracts pressure or friction-related numbness.
  • Weight - approximately 160grams

Specifications :

intended use : road bike & MTB
Saddle shell: carbon fiber injection
Frame: carbon
Saddle cover: microfiber
Length: 245 mm
Width: 143 mm
Height: 60 mm (lower edge of frame / upper edge of shell)
Brace diameter: around 7x9.3 mm
Saddle frame adjustment range: 60 mm
maximum rider weight: not specified
Max. permissible tightening torque: 9 Nm
Finish: synthetic leather
Color: Black

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