Look Geo Trekking Grip
Look Geo Trekking Grip

Look Geo Trekking Grip

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The GEO TREKKING GRIP are commuter pedals. One side an SPD-compatible mechanism, on the other a flat pedal with an elastomer grip for safe riding in any conditions. No need to change pedals when you are heading out for a faster ride: the GEO TREKKING GRIP can do everything

Why you'll love it ?

  • Alternate the performance of the SPD standard and the comfort of a flat pedal
  • SPD EASY micro cleats for reassuring, multidirectional disengagement
  • A flat pedal on one side, designed specifically for your urban rides
  • Adjust tension from 5 to 10 in a flash to suit your requirements

Technical Specifications

  • Spindle material chromoly+
  • Technology Hybrid pedals = half flat + half clipless
  • Body material Composite / Elastomer Bi Injection
  • Platform width 86 mm
  • Q Factor 56mm
  • Release angle 13°
  • Traction Elastomer Bi Injection
  • Retention 5-10
  • SPD compatible
  • Weights 228g
  • Weigh pair + cleats 551g

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