Cyclon All Weather Lube 125ml
Cyclon All Weather Lube 125ml

Cyclon All Weather Lube 125ml

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All Weather Lube is a lubricant with revolutionary micro-additives for chains, derailleurs, cables, and pedals

All Weather Lube is a biodegradable chain lubricant suitable for all weather conditions. The oil-based lubricant contains revolutionary micro-additives at the molecular level. The micro-additives penetrate into the smallest bumps of your chain ensuring longer lubrication, less wear and lower friction resistance. Molecular-level micro-additives keep your chain running smoothly. Small bumps that cannot be seen with the naked eye are filled by the micro-additives, allowing the lubricant to create an anti-stick and water-repellent layer that ensures less friction resistance. Wear marks are filled, extending the life of your chain and other drivetrain parts. Suitable for use in severe frost to hot sunny weather. All Weather Lube can withstand extreme pressure and is not pushed out of the link during powerful pedal strokes. This also makes the lubricant very suitable for e-bikes!


  • Biodegradable
  • Easy dosage
  • Suitable for all weather conditions
  • Extra long lubricating effect
  • Shake thoroughly before use


Step 1 Degrease the chain before lubricating it, you can do this using CyclOn Bionet Chain Cleaner.

Step 2 Shake the All Weather Lube thoroughly before use.

Step 3 Apply the All Weather Lube to all the links of your chain and turn your pedal a few times to distribute the lubricant well. Leave the lubricant to penetrate into the chain.

Step 4 Before you start riding, run the chain through a cloth to remove any excess lubricant.

USP'S Protects against corrosion, usable during all-weather conditions, keeps the parts
running smoothly.

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